An Overview on APIDEC:

In October 2003, a joint venture company (JVC), called SBN-Pars

Was established in Qeshm free zone,I.R.IRAN., having had the below famous and well-organized companies as its shareholders:

            1.SBN MS Austria     2. PIDECO      3. IPDC

Later on due to the nature change of projects implementation (mostly to EPC from), the company has been flexibly promoted from its initial manufacturing base into EPC(F) Contractor base.

Arse  Pars  Industry  Development  Engineering co  (APIDEC)  had three big companies as shareholders which were:

1- RAMPCO           2- PIDECO             3-FAP

Later on those above mentioned companies sold  their

Share to key persons and now of the company APIDEC

Has several personal shareholders. Which they are director

Of company.


Cooperation with key partners(local and international) in Development of Oil,Gas,Petrochemicals, Chemical, Water and Waste Water Treatment Industries In Iran and Middle East Region.

Field of Activity

Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC)

Project Management and Planning

Waste Management Activities

Energy Saving Activities

Trading Activities (Import & Export)

Finance & Investment